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6 Things That Cost More Than Life Insurance

By September 17, 2019Personal Insurance

Life insurance:

I know hearing these two little words automatically turns your brain off. Chances are you do not want to think about death because we all feel like we are going to live forever. And the cost! You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Life insurance is so expensive and pointless.” I would have to disagree. Being in the insurance industry there is always a solution for individuals. If you look at the numbers, you may discover that it is less than you imagined. The average cost for a $500,000 term life policy for a nonsmoking 35-year-old is around $25 a month.

$25 a month – that’s not a lot. To compare, here are 6 things that you spend more than $25 on each month:

  1. A daily cup of coffee: Depending on where you get it from, an ordinary cup of coffee can cost nearly $3. That’s $90 a month. Bring your coffee from home a couple of times a week instead and you can afford both caffeination (which we do not want you to go without!) and life insurance.
  2. Going to the movies-once: Two tickets will set you back at least $20, and that is before you get popcorn, soda pop, and gummy bears. Movies out once in a while is always a nice treat. However, opting for a night in to watch Netflix or Hulu can save you enough for your monthly premium.
  3. Lottery tickets: What are the odds you’re going to need life insurance at your age? A lot better than the odds of scratching off that million-dollar square. Change your perspective and start making a better bet.
  4. Your nails: One mani-pedi a month costs around $45. Skip the toenails and you can foot the bill for life insurance.
  5. That gym membership. Don’t get the wrong idea, we think a gym membership is a great investment…if you’re actually going to the gym. Consider canceling subscription services you don’t use anymore and saving the money.
  6. We would never ask you to give up pizza– that’s just cruel. But if you order pizza more than once a month, it’s probably costing you more than a basic life insurance policy.

Do you have $25 a month to protect your family? It breaks down to less than $2 a day and the peace of mind that you are covered is priceless.

Take a look at our interactive graphic resource, to learn more about life insurance here: link


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