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Car Parts Life Expectancy

By June 11, 2021Personal Insurance

A car, like a home, is an important investment for any American. For most it is their first major purchase and their first exposure to monthly payments and interest. Also like a home, a car requires continued maintenance and repairs with all the extra costs associated with them. If not maintained properly a car can have serious issues that will cost the owner more money and frustration in the long-term. It is important to routinely check various parts of your car to determine if you will need a repair. Car parts, like home appliances, have a generally agreed upon life expectancy.

Mechanics and car enthusiasts will urge car owners to be mindful of these life-span guidelines. Not paying attention to when it is time to repair or replace an item on your car can mean having a flat on the side of road or being late to work one day. Here is a list of the life span expectancy of several car parts.

Most Common Car Part Replacements

Alternator: about 7 years or 80,000 miles

Filters: your car has multiple filters. All should be checked for replacement every 30,000 miles

Windshield wipers: this one you will be able to determine once ware and tare has set in

Tires: about six years or between 50,000 to 80,000 miles

Brake pads: about 30,000 miles

Spark plugs: about 25,000 miles

Battery: 2 to 5 years (the weather being the most significant factor)

Starter (motor): 100,000 to 150,000 miles on average

Distributor rotator and cap: about 50,000 miles

Head and Tail-lights: about every 5 years

Increasing Car Part Life Expectancy

Nearly every component in your vehicle has a life span that is directly related to your driving habits. Basically, how you drive determines how long the parts of your vehicle will last. Accelerating, braking, and turning too quickly all deteriorate certain parts of your car faster than smooth controlled driving. While it can be easy to drift away in thought while driving it is important to remain focused on the task at hand. Focused driving not only promotes habits that will increase the life span of the various parts of your car. It also keeps you away from dangerous distracted driving which causes accidents and of course increased auto insurance premiums.

Cars are a necessary part of life for most Americans. Some are enthusiasts who want to own a fleet of vehicles. Others view a car as a means to make it from point A to point B. Regardless of whether you are an enthusiast or not it is important to keep these timelines in mind. Car repairs can be costly but regular car maintenance will keep you on the road and safe.

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