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Why Blue Cross Blue Shield Continues to be #1 in Illinois

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the leading health insurance companies in the nation and the largest health insurance company in Illinois. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association consists of 36 separate insurance companies partnered together to offer customers a large network of healthcare providers. Spanning every zip code in the United States, Blue Cross Blue Shield companies are connected to over 90% of doctors and hospitals in the nation and cover more than 106 million insurers nationwide. Through the use of this network, BCBS is helping health care professionals choose evidence-based medical treatments better tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Amassing a body of policyholders from both the private and public sectors, Blue Cross Blue Shield has created a company that is synonymous with health insurance. Their Federal Employee Program is the top choice of federal employees, retirees, and their families covering 5.6 million federal workers nationwide. They also cover 88% of America’s Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft. Dedicated to the community served, BCBS companies cover 7 million people working for small employers. BCBS is also the #1 choice for unionized workers, covering more than 17 million unionized workers, retirees, and their families. BCBS has routinely covered nearly half of all the Affordable Care Act enrollment throughout the nation. They cover 4.1 million policyholders through Medigap supplemental insurance, 7.1 million policyholders through Medicaid programs, 3.2 million through Medicare Advantage plans, and 1.5 million through Medicare Part D (Rx drugs) plans. Whether enrolling in individual, group, or government options, Blue Cross Blue Shield has an impressive portfolio.

Along with the incredibly large network of health care providers available, Blue Cross Blue Shield customers also gain access to several member support programs through the well-developed BCBS website. Here members have the ability to complete a myriad of tasks such as reviewing benefits, finding close network healthcare providers, and printing a replacement ID card. The BCBS website offers members the Health Risk Assessment questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, the member will receive a confidential report that outlines their health risks and offers ideas for healthier living. Through these members can find a bevy of additional information related to health and wellness to improve their quality of life.

In addition to BCBS’s general website, each state has its own specific website to better serve customers. Embracing technology through the use of a mobile app (Blue Access Mobile) as well as telemedicine programs gives BCBS members unprecedented access to healthcare providers at any time of the day or night. The BAM app can be set to alert the user to take prescriptions at specific times or check blood sugar levels, while comprehensive telemedicine services help meet the health needs of each individual policyholder. Recently, Blue Cross Blue Shield has started offering prescription plans that include prescription delivery services. Programs and resources like these help policyholders get the most out of their coverage and offer convenience.

Dedicated to ensuring employees’ satisfaction with their group coverage, BCBS helps employers promote health and wellness as well as maximize the benefits covered employees receive. Blue Cross Blue Shield shows their commitment to small businesses by offering employers detailed guidance through their state websites. Through these online resources, employers can get a quote on group coverage, download usable forms that make employee group coverage sign-up simple and easy and see options for self-funded (ASO) plans. The advantages offered by BCBS help to keep costs down for employers while keeping value high for employees. Having an enormous health care provider network, several innovative programs, and a 70-year commitment to providing customers with quality care, Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the top health insurance companies in the nation. Policyholders and employers with health and wellness in mind will be able to have confidence in their coverage and support from Blue Cross Blue Shield.